Antiques Sale/ Jewelry Sale Smokin’ Hot thru 8/15

Antiques Sale & Jewelry Sale 10%-50% off storewide.

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Smokin’ Hot Summer Sale Storewide

Don’t miss our Antiques Sale & Jewelry Sale . Our 95 eclectic dealers are all participating in our month long summer antiques sale.  Get up to 50% off on your favorite Vintage decor, Vintage Clothing and Vintage Jewelry. Every single booth will have a discount!!!! So there isn’t a better time to make this your first visit to the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall. Stop in often since our dealers will frequently be brining in new items. Beat the heat in air conditioned comfort . Open 7 days Mon-Sat 11-6 Sunday 12-5.

Smokin' Hot Summer Antiques Sale 10%-50% off storewide 95 eclectic dealers

Smokin’ Hot Antiques Sale 10%-50% off storewide at the Sherman Oaks Antique mall now thru 8/16


Tip of the Day:

Featured dealer “Crown Chic” Vintage Clothing 25% off

Find unbelievable values in “Crown Chic” booth #111.  Pre owned designer clothing from names like Dior, Gucci, Channel , Dolce & Gabana.  Chris is offering an additional 25% off his already fantastic prices. If you love Vintage, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Dolce and Gabbana bustier two piece designer dress

Dolce and Gabbana Bustier two piece designer dress

Vintage sheer black lace and beaded designer dress

Sheer black lace and beaded vintage designer dress

Classic vintage chanel suit

Vintage classic Chanel suit

How to sell Antiques & Vintage Jewelry

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How to sell Antiques and Vintage Jewelry


Today’s technology has made how to sell antiques and vintage jewelry very simple .  In determining your asking price , keep in mind that a dealer will need to make a reasonable profit. What is reasonable will depend on the scale, desirability and availability of what you have for sale.  Always reference closed or sold prices whenever possible in determine a reasonable price.  Ebay sold items are an excellent resource.  Asking prices are all over the board and web sites like 1stdibbs are highly unrealistic. Below is a list of information that any dealer or buyer will find useful in determining if your item is right for them.

  • include photographs (put a quarter or other visual aid in photo to reference size and scale)
  • any information you have on item
  • age
  • condition (please note any chips, cracks or other wear that keeps your item from being in mint condition)
  • size
  • marks, signatures, manufacturer and model number (again a photo is useful)
  • what material your item is made from
  • provenance
  • your location
  • asking price

The best way to sell your antiques and vintage jewelry at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall is to contact our buyer and fill out the form on our web site  With 95 unique dealers we hopefully will have someone who will be excited about purchasing your treasures.


Bakelite Jewelry

Piles of Bakelite

We have been selling Bakelite at the shop since its initial resurgence in popularity back in the early 80’s. Come visit an array of bangles, brooches, inkwells, pens, Mah Jongg sets  and many other oddities made from this funky fun material. Bakelite or Catalin is an early form of plastic, one of the first made from synthetic materials. It was originally fashioned for its electrically non-conductive and heat resistant properties for insulators, radios and telephone casings. It is usually recognizable by its beautiful array of retro colors, its loud and well known clank as bangles slide down your wrist to meet your hand and its lovely formaldehyde smell. In todays world we use the term Bakelite for all the mad colorful jewelry and Catalin for the colorful radios and decorative accessories of the same material. When using the brown industrial material like in telephones the term Bakelite is used. Originally this unique and first thermoset plastic was considered and exotic material. High end fashion designers like Martha Sleeper used it to make distinctive fashion jewelry . This jewelry sold for high dollars in places like Sacks Fifth Avenue. I purchased a spinach green strand of beads from a woman that told me she saved her paycheck from Saks for a year and paid $100 for it during the depression. Todays prices are truly a bargain! To add to the fun these patinated colors are often referred to by edible names  like applejuice, rootbeer or butterscotch. Truly one of the most fun things you can collect. 

It is incredible to see how no two pieces are alike. Each piece has its own color, sometimes hand carved distinction, shape, and character. The hunt to see all the varieties of Bakelite is fun and possibly never ending!